We have started the #FACEANYTHING movement because we believe being your true self is the most powerful thing you can be. We believe in the science of ageless beauty, and that when you feel confident in the skin you are in, you can truly #FaceAnything that comes your way.

Our fearless brand ambassadors, Lady Leshurr and Jazmin Sawyer represent exactly that with confidence in your true self you can truly #FaceAnything. 

Jazmin is an Olympian, singer and graduate in law. From a young age she competed in sports but also dreamt of performing on stage.

By being dedicated to all of her passions Jazmin was able to sing inthe spotlight, get her law degree, and qualify for the Olympics.

Since a young age, Lady Leshurr dreamt of becoming a rapper. Taking inspiration from some of the biggest names in the industry, she knew what she needed to do to succeed. She packed her bags and headed to London, leaving everything, and everyone she knew behind to pursue her dream.

Today, Lady Leshurr has truly made a name for herself, and one that her family can be proud of.