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How to soothe sensitive skin

3 minutes

Ask any woman if she ever experiences sensitive skin and chances are she will say yes. Then ask her what she means by that and you will likely get a range of different responses. One woman may say it is because she blushes easily. Another may have occasional dry, flaky patches. A third may say her skin is easily irritated. So which one has sensitive skin? Well, they all do.

Sensitive skin has become an umbrella term that is used to describe a number of conditions from general irritation from dry skin to the medical condition rosacea. What they all have in common is inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the skin’s outer barrier layer is damaged, often through a lack of hydration, overexposure to the sun or contact with irritants. Skin sensitivity may be more severe in winter when skin tends to be drier. It may also get worse as a woman ages, as older skin tends to be more dehydrated.


If you have sensitive skin, you probably already know that your fragile skin requires special care. There are a number of ways you can calm irritated skin and help strengthen your skin’s protective moisture barrier:

  • Moisturise.

  • Protect. Wear an SPF moisturiser daily year round. Sun exposure is top on the list of sensitive skin triggers;

  • Take shorter, cooler showers. Try to limit them to 10 minutes tops and wash with warm, not hot, water;

  • Use a humidifier.

It helps to add moisture to the air in the drier months.


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How to Hydrate and Care for Dry Skin?

3 minutes

Tired of dull, tight, itchy and flaky skin? No idea what’s causing the dry skin on your face or how to treat it? Olay is here to help. Discover the most common causes of dry or sensitive skin, find out how to hydrate your skin with a moisturiser, how to hydrate dry skin from the inside, and how to treat the dry skin around your eyes.

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How to Effectively Cleanse Your Face IN 3 STEPS

5 minutes

Cleansing your face is the cornerstone of beautiful, glowing skin. Cleansing removes dirt, impurities, grime and make-up so your skin regimen, eye cream, moisturiser, serum or oil, can have maximum effect.

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What causes dry and flaky skin around my face

2 minutes

Dry and flaky skin on your face is a common skin concern. It can be uncomfortable and wreak havoc with your confidence, so if you have dry skin and you want to do something about it, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover what causes dry skin and how it can be treated.

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