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Skin Care Tips
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    Discover how to help dark circles, puffy eyes and eye bags

    Are your eyes revealing too much? As one of the first ‘age tells’ the area around the eyes can sometimes cause a woman to appear older than she actually is. But why is that? The skin under the eye is so delicate and thin that it loses moisture 50% quicker than any other area of the face, therefore showing a woman’s age more than any other area. In fact, in a study where 200 women were assessed for their visible age, those who had poor under-eye skin were judged to look 15 to 25 years older than they actually were!

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    Tips to Restore Collagen in your Face

    Collagen is an important protein, the most abundant one in the human body. It serves as a building block in your skin, bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage, corneas, blood vessels and even teeth. Collagen provides strength and elasticity for your skin. As you age, collagen production in your body decreases, so, naturally, the question arises – how can you restore collagen in your skin? Read on and discover what damages collagen and what you can do to restore this important protein and preserve your skin’s strength.

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    How To Brighten Tired And Dull Skin Complexion?

    Does the skin on your face look dull and tired? Do you miss having a radiant complexion? Don’t worry, Olay is here to help. Get the lowdown on what causes dull skin and how to regain your glow-rious complexion with our five top tips on how to brighten dull skin.

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    All About Retinol Eye Creams For Under The Eyes

    Have you noticed the first wrinkles or started to see bags or dark circles forming under your eyes? You might have heard about the benefits of retinol for improving the appearance of the skin under your eyes and wanted to know more. Olay has got you covered! We’ve collected the answers to some frequently asked questions about eye creams that contain retinol, how to use Olay’s own Retinol24 Night Eye Cream, and how this potent ingredient can help you with specific eye concerns like dark circles and fine lines.

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    What Is My Skin Type - Oily, Dry Or Mixed; What Is The Difference?

    Typically, there are four skin types that are discussed when it comes to skincare – normal, combination, oily, and dry. However, there are a few an impact on how you care for your skin.

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    Is coffee bad for your skin? We explore the effect of caffeine on skin

    Enjoying a morning cup of coffee is part of a daily routine for millions of people and as ingrained within our morning as showering and dressing. Coffee friends look forward to a caffeine hit for a burst of energy and without it, some people feel sluggish as our bodies can become reliant on it. Others prefer a cup of tea which contains almost as much caffeine, and both beverages have their pros and cons when it comes to their effects on your body and your skin.

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    Menopause Skin Care Guide: The Best Skin Care for Menopausal Skin

    Making sense of menopause can be a tough ride. Among the rush of changes, your skin often takes the spotlight, leaving many women looking for the best menopause skin care solutions. Skin dryness, loss of firmness, and even changes in texture are all common symptoms of menopause. To top it off, you might even see those teenage breakouts popping back up! However, rest assured, there's a silver lining. A carefully chosen skincare regimen can help manage these changes. Let us guide you on how to choose the best skin care products for menopausal skin to maintain youthful-looking, radiant skin.

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    Menopause and Dry Skin: Why It Happens and What to Do About It

    Menopause brings a myriad of physical and emotional transformations. As well as well-known symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings, skin also undergoes significant shifts during this period. The onset of menopausal dry skin especially can take many by surprise. Dry menopausal skin isn't a myth, it's a real issue that leaves many women seeking relief and answers. It's more than just the occasional rough, flaky patch or sensation of tightness. But why does this happen, and why is dry skin, particularly dry skin on the face, so closely tied with menopause? In this article we'll delve into the connections between menopause and dry skin, exploring the causes and providing expert solutions to manage and restore your skin's health. Let's get started!

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    You are probably familiar with the benefits of staying active for your cardiovascular and mental health, but could regular exercise be your skincare secret weapon?

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    What Is The Difference Between CC Cream And BB Cream?

    If you like the look of foundation but not the heavy feel, BB and CC creams are for you! These products are one-part make-up and one-part moisturiser. They have some pigment to help even out your skin tone but are sheer enough to look and feel completely natural. While BB and CC creams share a ton of common characteristics, they’re not quite the same. Read on to discover what the difference is between CC and BB creams, what their main skin benefits are, as well as how to use them as part of your daily skin care routine.

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    How to treat oily skin

    You want your hair and nails to be shiny, but your skin? Not so much. If you find that your forehead is shiny by lunchtime, you can blame your overactive sebaceous glands. They produce the sebum —or oil— that makes your skin look shiny and greasy.