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Oily Skin

Skin care tips for oily skin

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    What Is My Skin Type - Oily, Dry Or Mixed; What Is The Difference?

    Typically, there are four skin types that are discussed when it comes to skincare – normal, combination, oily, and dry. However, there are a few an impact on how you care for your skin.

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    How to treat oily skin

    You want your hair and nails to be shiny, but your skin? Not so much. If you find that your forehead is shiny by lunchtime, you can blame your overactive sebaceous glands. They produce the sebum —or oil— that makes your skin look shiny and greasy.

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    How to get rid of blackheads from your face?

    One of the most common forms of acne, blackheads are like the popular game of whack-a-mole: Each time you manage to get rid of one, two others pop up. Learn how to reduce the appearance of blackheads to get the smooth and clear complexion you’re after with some help from Olay.

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    Skin Care And Pregnancy: How To Adapt Your Routine

    Pregnancy can be a very exciting time for mums-to-be however it can also be a time when your pregnancy hormones play havoc with your skin.