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    How To Brighten Tired And Dull Skin Complexion?

    Does the skin on your face look dull and tired? Do you miss having a radiant complexion? Don’t worry, Olay is here to help. Get the lowdown on what causes dull skin and how to regain your glow-rious complexion with our five top tips on how to brighten dull skin.

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    What Is My Skin Type - Oily, Dry Or Mixed; What Is The Difference?

    Typically, there are four skin types that are discussed when it comes to skincare – normal, combination, oily, and dry. However, there are a few an impact on how you care for your skin.

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    Is coffee bad for your skin? We explore the effect of caffeine on skin

    Enjoying a morning cup of coffee is part of a daily routine for millions of people and as ingrained within our morning as showering and dressing. Coffee friends look forward to a caffeine hit for a burst of energy and without it, some people feel sluggish as our bodies can become reliant on it. Others prefer a cup of tea which contains almost as much caffeine, and both beverages have their pros and cons when it comes to their effects on your body and your skin.

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    What Is The Difference Between CC Cream And BB Cream?

    If you like the look of foundation but not the heavy feel, BB and CC creams are for you! These products are one-part make-up and one-part moisturiser. They have some pigment to help even out your skin tone but are sheer enough to look and feel completely natural. While BB and CC creams share a ton of common characteristics, they’re not quite the same. Read on to discover what the difference is between CC and BB creams, what their main skin benefits are, as well as how to use them as part of your daily skin care routine.

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    Skin basics & FAQs

    Get answers to frequently asked questions about beauty and skin care.

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    How to take care of dry and itchy skin in winter

    Winter is coming, and for some of us, so is the constant battle with dry, flaky, itchy and chapped skin. Sometimes your skin can even look dull and it seems like it’s lost its glow. At Olay, we understand how frustrating it can feel, so discover why your skin gets dry during winter, how to moisturise it, and how to tackle winter rashes caused by dryness for a truly healthy-looking, hydrated skin.

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    5 step night time routine for beautiful skin

    The secret to younger-looking skin is all in having a great night-time skincare routine. Getting into a good nightly habit can pay off with reduced wrinkles, a brighter complexion, and plumper, more hydrated skin. This is especially true if you use the right products and follow the correct order when applying them.

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    How And When To Apply BB And CC Creams

    Make-up and skin care in one? Yes, please! BB and CC creams are a great choice if you don’t like the look or feel of make-up but would like to have some of the coverage or colour correction of a foundation or concealer, while also caring for your skin. Wondering how and when to apply BB creams or CC creams for the best results and what the benefits are of these multi-tasking products? Read on!

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    How To Look After Your Skin In Your 30s

    Are you looking for the best skincare products and tips on how to look after your skin now that you’re in your 30s? Would you like to improve your skincare regimen and stay younger-looking for as long as possible? Olay has great tips on keeping your skin fresh, glowing and healthy.

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    How does pollution impact my skin? We explain skincare in an urban environment

    Our skin is the biggest organ in the body and our environmental surroundings play a huge role on how it behaves. From UV rays, hot or cold weather and the climate to pollutants, our skin is susceptible to environmental stress and damage we may not even be aware of.

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    How To Use And Apply Eye Cream

    Your eyes might be the window to your soul, but they don’t have to reveal all your secrets! Especially when it comes to the date written on your driver’s license. You might be considering adding an eye cream to your regimen to keep your eyes looking as fresh as you feel, but you might have a few questions about it – like what benefits an eye cream will have for your skin, what ingredients to look out for, and how to apply it for the best results. Read on to find all this out and more!

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    What Are The Dark Circles Under Eyes And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

    Have you noticed dark circles under your eyes and wish you could get rid of them? Are you tired of looking tired and want younger-looking skin? Olay is here to the rescue. Discover what causes dark circles under your eyes and how to treat them with Olay.