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What Is My Skin Type - Oily, Dry Or Mixed; What Is The Difference?

What Is My Skin Type - Oily, Dry Or Mixed; What Is The Difference?

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Typically, there are four skin types that are discussed when it comes to skincare – normal, combination, oily, and dry. However, there are a few an impact on how you care for your skin.

What is my skin type - Oily, dry or combination; what is the difference? 

There are typically four skin types that are talked about in skincare and these are normal, combination, oily and dry. Our skin type can change depending on our life stage and most of us are born with normal skin, but as we age and enter puberty; our geneshormones and environmental factors can lead to changes in skin types.

With many of us wondering what skin type am I, Olay’s outlined the key traits to help you identify what skin type you are.

Normal skin

Possibly the most common skin type, it is characterised by the following:

  • A clear appearance and even colour

  • Feels neither tight or greasy

  • Is soft and supple when touched

  • Has good elasticity and moisture

  • Has small, less visible pores

  • Not sensitive to normal external stimulation

For those who have normal skin we recommend Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing Moisturiser with SPF 15.

Dry skin

Dry skin is characterised by ‘poor epidermal function’ and potential damage to the epidermal layer, the protective outer layer of the skin.

Some people who have dry skin can attribute it to a genetic predisposition or inappropriate skincare habits but for others, there is no apparent reason. It is common for dry skin to be an issue for women entering menopause.

The following characteristics are common in those women who suffers with dry skin:

  • Skin feels tight and irritable

  • Often looks flaky

  • Shows fine lines

  • Has visibly small pores

  • Slow secretion of sebum

  • May be hard to apply make up

As dry skin can be extra sensitive to external stimulation, it is important to choose a dedicated skincare routine which is gentle on your skin. Olay recommends Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream.

Olay Regenerist Day Face Cream For Hydration

Regenerist Niacinamide Day Cream Face Moisturiser



Oily skin 

Oily skin is caused by an over-secretion of sebum, an oily substance our skin needs in order to function properly. Too much of this sebum can cause acne and too little can cause dry, cracked skin. The main characteristics of oily skin include:

  • Shiny and often has breakouts

  • Less visible wrinkles

  • Visible and enlarged looking pores

  • Make up may wear off easily

Whilst oily skin is typically thought of as occurring during adolescence, it can be seen at any age.

Click here to know more about oily skin and it's treatment

Combination skin 

People often hear about yet wonder, ‘what is combination skin’. When talking about combination skin, it means we have at least two different types of facial skin and may need to adjust our skincare habits accordingly. The main variations of combination skin are typically:

  • Either oily or normal skin around the T-Zone area of the face. This includes the nose, forehead and chin

  • Dry or normal skin around the U-ZONE, which is the cheek, mouth and eyes

For combination skin, Olay recommends using Total Effects 7in1 Day Moisturiser SPF15 as part of your skincare routine every morning.

But What About Sensitive skin? 

Sensitive Skin is a skin condition that can be found in any skin type. Those with sensitive skin must treat their skin with special care including treading carefully when using any new products on their skin. Sensitive skin needs special attention. Its main characteristics are:

  • It is very sensitive to external stimulation such as heat, surfactants and exfoliation

  • Gets irritated and may have allergic reactions and become red / swollen more easily than others without sensitive skin

  • It’s often sensitive to certain chemicals in skin care products (e.g. fragrance and colourants)

For those with self assessed* sensitive skin, it’s important to test new products via a patch test prior to application to avoid any potential allergic reactions. To patch test a product, apply a product to a small area on the inside of the arm or behind your ear.

If after 24 hours no skin irritation or sensitivity appears, try a small amount of product onto facial skin. If skin irritation or sensitivity develops over time then discontinue use immediately.

For those with sensitive skin, we recommend Olay Complete Day cream SPF 15 Sensitive.

* Any skin conditions can only be diagnosed/treated by a trained medical doctor.


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How to Hydrate and Care for Dry Skin?

3 minutes

Tired of dull, tight, itchy and flaky skin? No idea what’s causing the dry skin on your face or how to treat it? Olay is here to help. Discover the most common causes of dry or sensitive skin, find out how to hydrate your skin with a moisturiser, how to hydrate dry skin from the inside, and how to treat the dry skin around your eyes.

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How to treat oily skin

5 minutes

You want your hair and nails to be shiny, but your skin? Not so much. If you find that your forehead is shiny by lunchtime, you can blame your overactive sebaceous glands. They produce the sebum —or oil— that makes your skin look shiny and greasy.

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How to soothe sensitive skin

5 minutes

Ask any woman if she ever experiences sensitive skin and chances are she will say yes. Then ask her what she means by that and you will likely get a range of different responses. One woman may say it is because she blushes easily. Another may have occasional dry, flaky patches. A third may say her skin is easily irritated. So which one has sensitive skin? Well, they all do.



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