Anti-Ageing Skin Care Routine In Your 50s

Anti-ageing skin care in your 50s

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If you’re in your 50s, you probably feel years younger than the age listed on your driver’s license. And, if you’ve been diligent with sun protection and a regular skincare routine, you might even look years younger than your age too. Even if you haven’t, now is the perfect time to power up with effective anti-ageing skincare products that will help you look as young as you feel. Read on to discover the most common skin concerns for women in their 50s and how to tackle them, with great skincare tips. Plus, find out why the skincare ingredient retinol, as well as lifestyle changes like better sleep and excercise, could do wonders for your skin.

What happens to your skin in your 50s?

No matter how well you’ve taken care of your skin, the subtle signs of ageing like loss of firmness, wrinkles and uneven skin tone, can begin to show in your 50s.

Over the years, exposure to sunlight can cause age spots or dark spots to appear on your face and arms. Although some of this is inevitable with time, there are things you can do to help keep your skin bright, glowing and younger-looking. Read on!

Anti-ageing skincare tips for your 50s

Take a look at these skincare tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your morning and evening skincare routine.

Cleanse daily

You should always start your morning and nighttime skincare routines by gently cleansing your skin. This helps remove makeup, dirt, grime and oil, leaving it nice and clean for the products you apply next.

Having clean skin ensures that your skin can suck in all those important anti-ageing ingredients in your chosen serum and moisturiser.


Getting rid of dead skin cells to reveal the fresher skin underneath becomes even more important as you age. Use a facial scrub on your face and body about once a week. Just like with cleansing, exfoliating also helps your skin absorb the serum and moisturiser you apply afterwards.

Use a day moisturiser with SPF

Moisturising is of key importance in skin care. Hydrating your skin each morning will replenish your skin with much-needed moisture to keep it fresh and healthy-looking.

Don’t forget to use SPF as part of your anti-ageing morning skincare routine. Sun damage can cause premature ageing of the skin and hasten the appearance of age spots on your face and body.

By applying a moisturiser with a broad spectrum sun protection every morning you can help protect your skin and keep it younger-looking for longer. We recommend Olay Regenerist SPF Whip 30 for protection against those harmful UV rays and for firmer-looking skin.

Choose skincare products with retinol

In addition to sun protection, one of the most effective ways to stay younger looking is with retinol-based skin care. It’s a form of Vitamin A, and its versatility lies in the way it works. Retinol aids surface skin cell turnover for healthier-looking, brighter skin.


Retinol also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Plus, you’ll see it evens your skin’s texture while minimising the appearance of pores. Mission accomplished.

Olay has developed the Retinol24 collection to deliver these benefits. Learn more about retinol and its skin benefits and read on to find out more.

Rejuvenate with a retinol night serum or cream

Moisturising at night will leave you with softer, smoother skin by the time you rise in the morning.

Moisturisers containing ingredients like glycerine help hydrate your skin, while niacinamide helps improve your skin’s moisture barrier, so your skin retains water more effectively.

During the night your skin’s natural ability to repair itself is more active compared to daytime, which is why Olay developed the Retinol24 Night Cream to boost skin recovery as the skin is more receptive to active ingredients overnight. It also helps to counterbalance increased moisutre loss while you sleep.

For a concentrated product, try our Retinol24 Night Serum. Both the Retinol24 serum and cream absorb quickly and penetrate the skin up to 10 surface layers deep, so you wake up every morning to a younger-looking, radiant skin.

Treat the surrounding areas

It’s not just the skin on your face that can benefit from a nourishing skincare routine. Treat your jawline, neck and chest using the same cleanser and ingredient-rich serum or moisturiser you use on your face for these areas.

The importance of beauty sleep and excercise

Your body (including your skin!) is trying to repair itself at night while you sleep, so why not give it a boost? The amount you need for a good night’s sleep varies from person to person, but you can do a lot to improve the quality of your sleep like waking up and going to sleep at the same time and avoiding caffeine late in the day. Read more about the link between sleep and healthy skin.

Just like getting good sleep, excercising regularly can do wonders for your skin.

Even just taking a brisk walk every day can help boost your circulation. This helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Light exercise also helps stimulate oil production in your skin, which can give you a smoother complexion.

By following the tips in this article and sticking to a great anti-ageing skincare regimen each morning and evening throughout your 50s, you’lll be able to minimise the signs of ageing so you can maintain your fresh, radiant and healthy-looking skin for years to come.